August 21, 2011

Celebration of Baby Standley...

I'm baaaack!
Well, don't count on it completely. I think I'm back, but won't make any promises as I pretty much left the blog idle for almost a year.

Last year was a crazy year with family ups and downs and sharing that via a blog didn't seem appropriate. But now, we have a huge reason to celebrate. We're about a month away from meeting our little girl (Little M or Giana - her nicknames thus far since we haven't wanted to share her name just yet). I've been getting teary eyed just thinking of finally meeting her. It's amazing that we are so close to meeting her now. Our family and friends have been so awesome in sharing our excitement and making plans to meet her as well.

Speaking of having a great support system here, on August 6th of this year, my boss and his amazing wife planned our larger baby shower. I already had a surprise one when I went to DC for a business trip in May. It was all of my Language Development team and they surprised me with a dinner at one of their homes and they had a nice dessert, balloons, a sweet card they they all signed and a nice gift certificate to Target.

So, back to this baby shower - I got to invite my coworkers and girlfriends. Yup, it was a girls only baby shower. It was started at 10:30am and she set it up as a brunch. I arrived a little before 10:30 and met up with a friend/coworker at the door. We were the first to arrive. We were greeted by Amy (boss's wife) and was in awe at all the decorations she had personally made - all so classy and just beautiful. These flowers and the individual cakes were all part of the favors each of us got to take home.

Her house is gorgeous, so that added to the overall look of the shower, of course. Soon, more and more ladies arrived. Amy had each of them sign a card that guessed when our little girl would arrive. She also hand made birthday cards with a year on the outside of each of them. Each guest would take a card and either write a note to her or to me for that year and decorate the card using all sorts of fun stickers and scrapbooking materials. I really hope to make this a special card that she'd get every year. It's very fun, for sure.

After each person had a nice mimosa (except for me), we went to the living room to play our first game. She handed out a card with little sayings or words and we'd have to match that word with a candy that she had posted on her fireplace. The winner would receive all the candy - yummmm (yes, I have a major sweet tooth right now). After that, we decided it was time to eat - I know Little M was ready to eat. Amy had a ton of food like cinnamon rolls, orange scones, crepes, asparagus salad, other salads, curried chicken croissants, etc. It was all amazingly delicious and I was quite tempted to take it all home. hehe We played another game at the table of guess Little M's name - it was fun.

We opened gifts after that game was done (no one guessed the name) and we were so blessed by all the outpouring of gifts and sweet cards from the ladies. By this point, it was about 2pm and everyone was ready to head out. Each person took their flowers, cake and baggie favor and were ready to head out. What a great way to celebrate the coming of Little M. Chris and I are so blessed by all the gifts, support, compliments and offering to help once she's born.

Here are a few more pictures.

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